Sunday, 10 February 2013

A letter from my Daddy

Amongst my late mother's personal mementoes, I came across a letter to her from my father, written - I think - on her 25th birthday. They had been married for three years and were living with my maternal grandfather. (My grandmother had died suddenly only six months before.) My mother was in hospital, having given birth to me, her first child, three days earlier. The letter touched me so much that I have copied it out here so that I have another record of it.

128 Big Barn Lane
Sunday 1-45pm [probably 22 June 1952]

My own Precious,

I feel I must write a little note to you pet as I have been thinking of you all day - every minute. We have had Family Favourites Billy Cotton & Ronnie Whistler on & all requests seemed to fit in so nicely for us.  I hope you heard some of the programme.
Auntie [Alice] has just gone up home to put washing in so I snatched this opportunity of writing.
I shall be glad when you can come home as I feel as if I am missing part of Baby's life.
It is best for it to be away from you though except for meals 'cos it will give you chance to get well again.  Don't try to get up too soon love as you can take it gently when you come home as I shall have some time off [work] while you get your sea-legs.
I spent all last night polishing & cleaning pram and polishing carrie-cot. Your Dad wasn't late back (9.30) & first thing he said was "How are they".  
He's as pleased as punch. They have drunk its health in champagne (ugh!) with Mr & Mrs Bryan.
I drank to your health & baby's when I treated Charlie & Harry to a cup of tea & a round of toast at Sutton on Friday.  Lashing out!!
Oh pet I'm so in a whirl over it & I feel so relieved I don't know where I am half my time.
I think of you & seem close to you everynight special just before I go to sleep. It's been 11ish so far.
I am going to get changed in a bit & Auntie will be back by then & we are going to Cemetery & then soon it will be time to come to see you again. Roll on.
Beauty & Paddy [the pet budgerigars] are chewing away to each other - its like over the garden wall.
Well my precious I will close now & post this so you will have it tomorrow morning to pass the time till evening when I come again.
I do love you pet & I'm airso [everso] pleased we've got a little girl & she's lovely.
All my love to you both & give her a kiss from her Daddy next time you nurse her & look after her, straighten her feathers & tell her Daddy will be coming soon to bring you both home to see him & look after him again.
Does she have dimples when she laughs? I'll bet she does.

All my love to you both then darling
Yours for ever & ever 
& Always

"A kiss for every candle"


  1. I believe "she" did have dimples when she smiled since they're still there these [harumph] years later. Sweet letter.

  2. Isn't that the sweetest letter? It must have brought tears to your eyes.

  3. What a precious piece of your history - seems like your mother had a gem of a husband and you a loving, sensitive and caring father - treasured gifts of the important kind. Thank you for sharing this personal letter with us. (and thanks for stopping by my blog too!)