Monday, 28 May 2012

Guys (and gals) in uniform - Haworth 40s weekend

Who doesn't love a guy in uniform....?

and a vintage bus!


  1. Great series! I really would have liked to see that and to meet all those people! (I'm not sure for the tatoos in the 40ies, but the guy has such a beautiful smile! :o))

  2. A great fun series of posts, here and at your other blog. The photos have all been great; I've enjoyed it very much. Jim

  3. I was searching for a "Shiny" moment for today and came across your blog. WOW! What a find! You're so talented. The photos are wonderful. I will definitely be back to take a leisurely stroll through your blog, want to see what I have missed. Have an awesome day.

  4. hi jenny- these are great series!
    nice photos, too:)

    hope your day is going well.

  5. I really love the photos.. and that red coat is to die for. Vintage and lovely

  6. What fun!!! I'm sure nurses are happy wearing the casual "scrubs" they do over here but I can't help wishing they were still in these more confidence-inspiring starched uniforms. I had a dress-up one as a child and absolutely loved it!