Monday, 26 March 2012

Portrait of my toes

I had an invitation to Betsy's pedicure party.  Now, my feet are not my favourite part of my body,  especially my nails (and I certainly wouldn't inflict them on a beauty therapist for a pro job!)  - but I do paint them in summer when they're 'on show'.  So I dug out the pink glunk and rather inexpertly dabbed it on.  I suppose, for feet that have done almost 60 years service, they could be worse - no bunions or corns!  But they seemed to need a rather soft focus effect to dare to bare for a party, even  a virtual one.  I've often wondered how to do a proper 'high-key' image.  I played around with this but I don't think I did it properly.  I guess there's a tutorial out there somewhere if only I could find it....

Ah well, let's make the most of the party and get dancing!

And to see all the other glam toes that are tapping, click here.