Thursday, 9 June 2011

Images of .... Coniston

Some photographs from my recent holiday in the Lake District.  These are of Coniston, in the south-west of the National Park.

The Steam Gondola crossing the lake.  The original Victorian gondola was first launched in 1859 and a rebuilt yacht is now operated daily by the National Trust, bringing to life a small part of Lakeland's heritage.  The clouds shroud The Old Man of Coniston, the mountain that overlooks the lake.

The small harbour, built by the eminent Victorian writer, artist and philosopher John Ruskin, in the gardens of his former home, Brantwood, on Coniston.

 Azaleas in full bloom in the Lower Garden at Brantwood.

Another part of the Lower Garden.

 A pool in Brantwood's woodland garden

 Two of Brantwood's gardeners at work.

 A window in Brantwood's coach house

The marina beside the small town of Coniston. 

 The northern end of Coniston Water

Coniston Water, looking north west towards the surrounding fells.

For more photos and information, please see my other blog here and here.


  1. I'm breathless.. the place is sooooo peacefull, beautyfull, serene.Every of your pictures could make a wonderful postcard ; seen from here, such places seem only incredible..and the green meadows, the elegant gardens, the house, ..are "so british"! I mean, That's exactly how we imagine your country.:)

  2. That is such a lovely place... Thanks for the walk !

  3. Oh, memories. We've been to the Lake District. We camped near Lake Windermere and visited Coniston too. It is a beautiful part of the world. I particularly love the photo of the window and the last one, with the gate.

  4. It's a place I still need to visit, and seeing your photos I'm convinced that it a must!
    Have a great weekend:)

  5. What a magical place....the ferns? Wow! How fun that we are expecting additions to our family at the same time! I'm so excited. I will be called mom was from about you?

  6. You didn't have the greatest weather on your holiday in Coniston, and yet the geyness give your images a nice moodiness. Nothing not to like with those azaleas in full bloom.