Saturday, 18 June 2011

Images of .... Blackwell

Blackwell, in the English Lake District, is Britain's finest surviving Arts & Crafts house. It was built in 1900 by H M Baillie Scott on the hillside above Windermere, as a holiday home for a wealthy Manchester businessman, Sir Edward Holt, and his family.

The Arts and Crafts Movement was a reaction aginst the increasing dominance of mechanisation brought about by the Industrial Revolution.  Championed by John Ruskin and William Morris, it sought to re-establish the importance and worth of designer-craftsmen and promoted beauty, simplicity and practicality in the home.

The lovely house has a wealth of fine detail, both inside and outside (though no photography is allowed inside).

It's not a huge house but it is full of delightful and interesting stuff: furniture and other objects from the period.  Run by the Lakeland Arts Trust, it has frequent exhibitions - and a lovely gift-shop and tea-room.  Well worth a visit.

 The gardens were originally laid out by Thomas Mawson, as a series of terraces.

They are very peaceful, and offer lovely views over the lake.


  1. I'd love to have tea there! Nice to see it kept up and beautiful! The details are amazing!

  2. Yesterday, I watched a movie, "the Lady Windermer's fan"..I can easily imagine wat it could be to live there. And I'd like to live there by myself to enjoy it! I like every of these pictures, gardens, flowers , architecture.. such a lovely british mood!

  3. Beautiful photography, Jenny, and a wonderful site, well preserved. I see from the last shot you were faced with a little summer-time haze. Still, a beautiful shot. Jim

  4. Having spent nearly two decades in the arts and crafts industry, I'd sure enjoy a peek inside. And your exterior images of the building are wonderful.

  5. This is beautiful, Jenny! Such a lovely old building, charming gardens, imposing doorway! Wish you could have shown us inside, too, but I do understand the NO PHOTOGRAPHS ruling...crafts folk have to protect their creations. Same rule applies here.

    I hope you having a really GOOD BREAK!!!

    Des xoxo