Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Images of .... Studley Royal

The beautiful 18th century gardens at the World Heritage Site of Studley Royal in North Yorkshire.

 'Surprise View' of the ruins of Fountains Abbey, framed in the archway of the pavilion called Anne Boleyn's Seat

 The Octagonal Tower, another high viewing point

 Part of the formally laid-out water garden


 Statue of Neptune, the God of Water, in the Moon Pond

Another statue, which I think is Endymion

 The lake at Studley Royal

The Victorian Church of St Mary the Virgin, William Burges's religious masterpiece in the grounds of Studley Royal.  Studley Royal House itself was demolished in 1946 after being badly damaged by fire.

 The closest I could get to the deer!


  1. Now, this place is on my to-do-list if ever I come to England!So romantic! the way you framed your first picture is gorgeous!Please, more pictures , again and again and again! :o)I need to dream!

  2. Super photos of super scenes. You could publish a glossy magazine of Yorkshire with these photos. I miss your visits.

  3. It's really a nice place to visit. I like especially the tower and the church but the whole garden looks great! I am reading "The Woman in White" now and it's quite easy to imagine these sceneries taking place in the narrative! :-)

  4. Heavenly images, Jenny. I see the trees are in bloom in your neck of the woods too.

  5. That first picture took my breath away, Jenny! It's absolutely beautiful!!!

    You are so very fortunate to live surrounded by so much antiquity! Our oldest buildings are not much older than about 350 years!

    The gardens are looking glorious in all their early Spring splendour! So very good for the soul to be able to share it here with you. Again, Thank you :)