Tuesday, 25 January 2011

5. Experiment with Photoshop - Pushing things a bit

One of the things I've noticed about other good photos - and I often find I like - is how in the processing the author is brave enough to "push things a bit"...
There are a million ways of doing this - highly saturated colour, different blending modes, textures, you name it...
I think the skill comes in adding impact without taking it totally OTT in a tacky way - not as easy as it may look.


In the spirit of having fun and trying some different things, I took two fairly ordinary photos of mine, both different kinds of architecture in bold shapes, and played around - mainly with the saturation. I think I quite like the results.  Comments anyone? And more ideas to try, perhaps?
Incidentally, the top photo was taken in Tenerife and the bottom one is part of The Lowry theatre and arts complex in Salford, Manchester, which is in a great area for photos of modern architecture - but on the day I went had really washed-out skies.


  1. Ooh! I like them both! I also like seeing your happy face in the sidebar.

    I'm trying to learn Corel Draw, but it's a bit frustrating.

    Adding your link to my doodling blog here: katpiks.blogspot.com , JennyF.


  2. I'm sorry, but I'm unable to give you technical advices, I dont know how to use 99% of my computer!
    BUT: I'm impressed by the architecture you're showing!This Lowry Centre is really strange and fascinating. A great subject for photos!

  3. I like both results of your editting. I think that sometimes it is not easy to judge if the result is far-fetched or not. Moreover if you ask someone's opinion, as many people judge it as many opinons you get... I find important the purpose of the photo - even a jazzy picture can sometimes find its place...

  4. Excellent results. I only wish to add to the first picture, straighten the verticals. The lines in the second picture are beautifully all over the place! Color saturation in both is great..