Wednesday, 26 January 2011

6. Experiment with Photoshop - Red leaves

I wasn't sure about this one at first - but I've come back to it and decided I do like it.  The leaves were reddish but I played around with the saturation in different parts of the image.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

5. Experiment with Photoshop - Pushing things a bit

One of the things I've noticed about other good photos - and I often find I like - is how in the processing the author is brave enough to "push things a bit"...
There are a million ways of doing this - highly saturated colour, different blending modes, textures, you name it...
I think the skill comes in adding impact without taking it totally OTT in a tacky way - not as easy as it may look.


In the spirit of having fun and trying some different things, I took two fairly ordinary photos of mine, both different kinds of architecture in bold shapes, and played around - mainly with the saturation. I think I quite like the results.  Comments anyone? And more ideas to try, perhaps?
Incidentally, the top photo was taken in Tenerife and the bottom one is part of The Lowry theatre and arts complex in Salford, Manchester, which is in a great area for photos of modern architecture - but on the day I went had really washed-out skies.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Meme - or is that Me Me?

It's past midnight, I can't sleep (I knew I shouldn't have had that late evening cup of tea!) so what better to do than browse a few blogs?  Well, maybe there is something else (I'll leave you to judge whether it's 'better' or not!)  Kat Mortenson has challenged me to a meme.  Now, I have never participated in a meme on my blog - and it won't become a habit - but this one seems a little more interesting than some, so here goes:

(Apologies that the light print is a little hard on the eyes when there's a lot of it.  I like the grey background for photos so it has to stay, sorry.  Suggest you zoom in a bit!)

1) Why did you create your blog?
My first and 'main' blog, Saltaire Daily Photo, was a challenge to myself.  I'd been reading some of the City Daily Photo blogs (Venice, Paris) and thinking for a while that someone ought to showcase the fascinating and historic World Heritage Site of Saltaire, where I live...  and one day quite suddenly I realised that someone could be me.  I tried to argue myself out of it but then I thought, well why not?  So I gave myself the challenge to post a photo a day for a year - and rather to my surprise I managed it... and by then I was thoroughly hooked on blogging and knew that my photography was getting better, so I have carried on.  I developed this blog, Seeking the Quiet Eye, as a place where I could be a bit more experimental. For why I chose the title, please look back at the first post.  It has not really gone in the direction I first envisaged, but I don't mind.  These things tend to develop a life of their own!

2) What kind of blogs do you follow?
Mostly photography blogs, quite a few of the City Daily Photo ones.  Any with photos of places I'm interested in - local to me, those close to where I grew up, places I've visited, some I'd love to visit. Those that are well-written.  I tend to find new blogs by looking up the authors of comments on other people's blogs that I find interesting or amusing and that resonate somehow with me.  I find I enjoy too, those where people are open about themselves (but not self-centred), share their creativity (poetry, crafts, cooking) and make me laugh.  I mentioned some in my previous post.  Here's a few more - by no means an exhaustive list:

Chronicles from the Shore                                                Fearless Nesting
Adventure before Dementia                                              Square Sunshine
Vicki Lane Mysteries                                                        Paris Through My Lens
didyoubringyourcamera                                                    Heartshaped 

3) Favourite make-up brand?
(Well that's change of focus!) Don't know if I have one - most of my stuff comes from Olay, Body Shop or Boots No 7.  I wear make-up every day but I can't see the point of spending a fortune on it, though I have a belief that it's worth spending more on 'wet' stuff (serum, moisturiser, foundation) and less on the powdery things (eye shadow, blusher etc.)  Even so, I don't believe a £50 jar is necessarily any better than a £10 jar.  But I do swear by Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Serum. It really works! as well as feeling lovely on my skin.

4) Favourite clothing brand
The one I loved (Offshoot) closed down. I buy some clothes from Jackpot which is a Danish brand with an organic range. I also buy far too much from M&S (safe and dependable but not very exciting).  I am having a bit of an image crisis at the moment. Shops & magazines seem to imagine that women the far side of 50 can afford to spend more. I can't, but cheaper high street ranges don't seem to cater anymore.

5) My indispensible make-up product... would have to be mascara, as I have blonde eyelashes that look non-existent without a slick of black.

6) Favourite colour - to wear, blue, always - any shade of.  But I look good in pink and red too.  Years ago, in my teens, I had red-gold hair and my art teacher (!) tried hard to persuade me out of blues into greens and browns.  But I don't like sludgy colours and don't think they suit my skin tone. Most unfavourite colours would be mustard and lime green!  Funnily enough, I don't like to decorate with blue.  My house is mostly creams, soft yellows, duck egg, a bit of grey.

7) Perfume - always floral.  For years I have worn Estee Lauder 'Pleasures' but I can't smell it anymore! I'm trying 'Stella' by Stella McCartney - lovely roses.  I like Lancome's TrĂ©sor too - old-fashioned girl.

8) Favourite film - too hard to choose! Romantic ones I guess. Ones I can watch again and again are Brief Encounter, Casablanca, The Holiday (just fun!) - and Mamma Mia if I need cheering up!  But there are hundreds I have really enjoyed, going back forever.  Films (and music) from the late 60s/early 70s are the most nostalgic for me - things like Bonnie & Clyde, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, The Graduate, Dr Zhivago, 2001 - A Space Odyssey.

9) What country would you like to visit and why?  
USA - because I read and enjoy so many blogs from there.  But it's such a big country, I wouldn't know where to start!  Italy, because apart from a brief trip to Venice (which may be in Italy but is a place apart) it's a European country I've never been to - and I think it's very photogenic and historical.  I'm fascinated to read about and look at photos of places like India but I'm not a brave traveller and don't like the heat, so I have no desire to actually go there.

10) Make up the last question and answer it yourself....uum...
Why did you choose the blog name jennyfreckles? 

When I was chewing the end of my virtual pen trying to think up a name, the pop song "Jennifer Eccles" by The Hollies started up in my head. (Since it was a hit in 1968 and I can remember every word, that really dates me!)  So, jennyfreckles it is.

I'll have two questions!
If you could change one thing about yourself?.....
I would give me my hearing back.  I've become progressively deaf since I was 25, and am now severely/profoundly deaf in both ears. I wear hearing aids and get by, but it is an isolating condition.  I've become much more introverted as a result, as well as having to give up the career I loved (running training courses) and get a boring office job.  On the other hand, photography has become a passion and as a hobby it's ideal for a deaf person.  I doubt I would have become so focused if I weren't deaf - I'd be trying to do too many other things!  So the way deafness has shaped me isn't by any means all bad news.

[Photos from the web, except for Salts Mill which is mine]

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Lonely Socks Club

One pretty pale blue ladies Bridgedale sock seeks solemate ....

Brilliantly inventive blogger Alan Burnett, a long-time blog friend of mine at 'News from Nowhere', has been pondering the plight of those odd socks that seem to accumulate wherever there are feet.  He has now unveiled a digital innovation for helping to solve this worldwide and growing problem.  He says:

"I have established a new organisation which will be known as NNOSE (News From Nowhere Orphan Sock Exchange) and which henceforth will be dedicated to reuniting orphaned socks, wherever they may be."

The idea is to post a picture of your lonely sock, in the hope that someone, somewhere in the world, will have its mate. (See this link).  I think this could get off the ground in a big way!  Not usually one of the first footers when it comes to a new idea, nevertheless I here advertise my own lonely little thing.  Any matches out there?

Mind you, most of the people hot-footing it to this new link seem to have households of many feet (and mostly male).  I am slightly worried...  There's only me here, and I'm quite organised, not one for losing things.  I have another pair of identical blue socks so I am wondering if, rather than having LOST a sock, I have in fact GAINED a sock...  yes, I think they might be breeding!

If you are interested in uniting any lurkers you may have, try these links for further sock possibilities:
     Betsy at My Five Men

(oh and by the way, read their blogs too, as they are also brilliant!)

SOS - Save Our Socks!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Competition winners

Looks like my hard work and study is paying off!

Bradford Camera Club 2010-11 - Robert Bland Trophy for manipulated prints

Bradford Camera Club 2010-11 - Mrs Bruce Trophy for Architectural & Record projected images

Bradford Camera Club 2010 -11 - "14" Trophy for Natural History projected images

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Images of ..... Snowy Saltaire

    Salts Mill 

 Saltaire United Reformed Church

 View of the New Mill chimney

 The Boathouse and the URC

 Quiet lane behind the church

 Looking towards Albert Terrace

Caroline Street looking towards Victoria Hall

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year thoughts

       Photo taken from the North Devon coast looking across to Wales

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:
Free your heart from hatred
Free your mind from worry
Live simply
Give more
Expect less