Saturday, 9 October 2010

4. Experiment with Photoshop - A paint job

 (Best viewed large)
I had a period of time today when my internet connection was down and I couldn't figure out how to mend it!  EEK!  So to take my mind off the worry (how have I got so dependant on the darned thing?) I did a bit of playing with Photoshop.  I didn't know what I was going to do - I just tried overlaying various photos on some of the 'texture' photos that I have been taking. (I'm trying to build up a stock of them - and skies too - for future use.)  I have been inspired by Chasity's images on 'The road less traveled' - but in the end mine didn't turn out remotely like hers!!  I quite liked this one I created though.

The original images were these:

I just overlaid one on the other, changed the blending mode to overlay and reduced the opacity, boosted the colour saturation a bit and cropped it.  Every now and again I think it's fun to play and to produce something a bit more 'arty' and abstract than a standard photo.

Encouraged by that little bout of creativity, I then managed to figure out how to restore my internet connection. Yay!


  1. I really like what you did. Made a piece of Art . Love the textured color.
    I had my internet down also.
    It when its down that an almost panic for a few seconds can set in.

    Have a great night

  2. can you imagine a house that colorful...that would be a head turner!
    like something from an alice in wonderful movie or so~

    well~ it made for a very interesting photo.

    glad you are having fun on photoshop.
    i do love to play there.

    i'm quite humbled by your mention of me~

    i get a lot of my textures free from shadowhouse creations if you are ever looking for some premade ones. he's really good.

    have a blessed sunday~

  3. Like the colors very much - not sure how much was the natural color and how much Photoshop. I have been experimenting with the apps on iPhone which give some interesting images too.

  4. Well done this job! Hugs from Luzia.

  5. This is very cool, Jenny... I just "discovered" your "other" blog and I like what I see. No time now to post on each... but keep it up... and I shall return. I relate to your quest to get more creative. It's this 24-hour-a-day thing that gets in the way (of blogging more, too). Have been dang engaged in work, yet fortunately it's creative work in a different way...