Wednesday, 6 October 2010

3. Experiment with Photoshop - Roof space

Sometimes I like taking just one image and playing with it in Photoshop to see what differences I can make.  This image is of the roof space in Salts Mill, Saltaire, which isn't normally open to the public.  During the recent Saltaire Festival there was an exhibition up there, so I was able to explore and take photographs of this awe-inspiring space, originally a spinning shed full of machinery.  (For more information please refer to my other blog.)  The above was the original photo SOOC.

 Here I enhanced the colours a bit.

A monochrome treatment is the obvious thing to do.....

...and sepia toning suits the historic nature of the subject...


... or perhaps even antiqued a bit more.


But I think my own favourite is this effect.  I can't claim the treatment is original.  I found some really interesting effects to download on Ree Drummond's excellent blog 'The Pioneer Woman Photography'. This particular one recreates the faded greenish effect of old seventies photographs and somehow I think it really suits this subject.  (Click photo to view large).


  1. It's amazing how many possibilities those programmes give us, isn't it?
    I think, my favourite is sepia. It really suits! I love this roof space with its room and light.

  2. Isn't it amazing how editing can change the feel of a photo? Interesting to see the space filled with machinery on your other blog. I would even like this as a setting for wedding photos.

  3. Two favourites: the one with the enhanced colours and the last one that is also your favourite.
    I'm doing a Photoshop course now, love it and all the posibilities it gives you to enhance or alter a photo, but will never believe any photo anymore LOL

  4. Interesting I like the black and white best, Thanks for the photography link.

  5. I looked at all your photos above this one, but chose this to comment on because I LOVE IT. these are extraordinary. I love playing in photoshop and photography and of course blogging. thanks for stopping by my blog today. I had no idea you had flamingos in the UK. we have them here, but they are much more pink due to sub tropics weather and lots of shrimp in their diet