Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Course Notes 4 - Selective enhancement

Heather moorland above Haworth (view large)

I am intrigued by the difference you can make to an image by some careful selective enhancement, and I keep experimenting with this. The art seems to be in not going OTT - you need a good eye as well as an understanding of what Photoshop can do. In this image I selected in turn the sky, the foreground and the middle ground and tweaked levels, saturation and colour balance on different layers, until I liked what I saw. I've also been trying different blending modes and in this case I used 'Colour Dodge' at about 50% opacity, just on the heather in the foreground, which added quite a bit of 'zing' to it I think.

Judge for yourself - the original image is here, it suffered from trying to balance the bright sky and much darker moorland, so that it all looks a bit dull. Any comments? I'm learning.


  1. Looks good!! I feel that by doing those 'tweaks' you have also managed to give more strength the heather that is on the far left of the picture. I like how the purple kind of pops out at you while also pulling you back in and inviting you to take a walk through it. The original picture is fine, but your enhancements make it even better!! Keep up the good work!! :o) Cat

  2. I think what you did was beautiful, not over the top, but you brought out what probably caught your eye in the first place. The photo with the sheep is stunning. I'm trying not to be jealous of the beautiful places you are seeing and just reminding myself to enjoy the view through your camera lens. I love the photos of the quaint city. I grew up in Chicago with a beauty all its own. I miss looking in store windows and the sidewalks and the people. Maybe I need to make a visit there again! I love your tutorials!

  3. Your tweekings definitely made it more vibrant. I have no clue how to use photoshop yet, but I'm going to do a course this fall. Looking forward to it. Your original photo is beautiful too, but the photoshopped one has a bit more 'zing'.

  4. Looks so good to me . Im a looser at PS. I need to learn so much.