Tuesday, 1 June 2010

2. Experiment with Photoshop - Twirly Trees

I have not really got my act together on this blog yet, partly due to time constraints, but I want to use it at least in part to record my progress as a photographer and Photoshopper.

Thanks to Martin H at Square Sunshine I have had a little experiment with his 'twirly trees' effect, which involves taking a picture of a tree, solarizing it and then inverting the effect, darkening it in Levels and then applying the distortion filter 'twirl'. The effects obviously vary according to the original photo and the degree to which you apply the effects and filters. But it's fun, surprisingly quick and produces some wonderfully fantastical images, rather like illustrations for a children's fantasy book.

I made the picture above from two original photos of mine - a pathway with trees and a 'tall ship'. I don't know what I could use it for but I think it has made an interesting image.

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