Sunday, 17 January 2010

1. Experiment with Photoshop

Being rather bored one evening, I decided to experiment with Photoshop. (I have the early version CS). This will be of little interest to anyone but me, but I am recording the results here, mainly so that I can learn - and not forget what I did.

I took a (not especially good) photo of a rose, cropped it. Then using Channel Mixer (Red) I desaturated it, which gave me a white rose - quite pretty. I then applied the Solarize filter - which gives an interesting effect but rather too grey. I discovered that I could fade that, and apply one of several different modes. I liked the effect given by Pin Light at 79%. I then used Colour Balance to alter the colours and finished it off with Unsharp mask at 46% 2/2.

The purple version shown was in my view the most successful. It gives a sort of silk flower effect.