Friday, 15 October 2010

Images of.... the grounds at Harewood

Beautiful colours in the foliage...

Colourful birds too...

A bridge over the lake 


The kitchen garden - reminded me of Beatrix Potter's stories

And a bench for my friend Malyss's collection (thoughtfully designed to stop you getting muddy feet).

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Images of ..... Harewood

More photos taken at Harewood House, that didn't make it on to my main blog.  It's such a beautiful place that I wanted to share the pictures.  For a bit more information, please refer to my main blog and Harewood's website.

This is Astrid's Zydower's statue of Orpheus, placed on Harewood's Terrace in 1984.

A tantalising glimpse of the view over 'Capability' Brown's magnificent landscape, from inside the House.

One of the vast and gorgeous herbaceous borders.

A break for refreshment (and a bit of retail therapy) in the Coach House

Harewood's little church of All Saints, dating back in parts to the 15th century, is rarely used now, and is cared for by the Churches Conservation Trust.  It is rather plain and severe inside but holds some notable medieval tombs.

The alabaster effigies are interesting as they show previous owners of Harewood House dressed in the fashions of their day.   This is Sir William Gascoigne (d.1487) and his wife Margaret Percy.  The church is also the burial place of HRH Princess Mary, daughter of King George V and her husband the 6th Earl of Harewood.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

4. Experiment with Photoshop - A paint job

 (Best viewed large)
I had a period of time today when my internet connection was down and I couldn't figure out how to mend it!  EEK!  So to take my mind off the worry (how have I got so dependant on the darned thing?) I did a bit of playing with Photoshop.  I didn't know what I was going to do - I just tried overlaying various photos on some of the 'texture' photos that I have been taking. (I'm trying to build up a stock of them - and skies too - for future use.)  I have been inspired by Chasity's images on 'The road less traveled' - but in the end mine didn't turn out remotely like hers!!  I quite liked this one I created though.

The original images were these:

I just overlaid one on the other, changed the blending mode to overlay and reduced the opacity, boosted the colour saturation a bit and cropped it.  Every now and again I think it's fun to play and to produce something a bit more 'arty' and abstract than a standard photo.

Encouraged by that little bout of creativity, I then managed to figure out how to restore my internet connection. Yay!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

3. Experiment with Photoshop - Roof space

Sometimes I like taking just one image and playing with it in Photoshop to see what differences I can make.  This image is of the roof space in Salts Mill, Saltaire, which isn't normally open to the public.  During the recent Saltaire Festival there was an exhibition up there, so I was able to explore and take photographs of this awe-inspiring space, originally a spinning shed full of machinery.  (For more information please refer to my other blog.)  The above was the original photo SOOC.

 Here I enhanced the colours a bit.

A monochrome treatment is the obvious thing to do.....

...and sepia toning suits the historic nature of the subject...


... or perhaps even antiqued a bit more.


But I think my own favourite is this effect.  I can't claim the treatment is original.  I found some really interesting effects to download on Ree Drummond's excellent blog 'The Pioneer Woman Photography'. This particular one recreates the faded greenish effect of old seventies photographs and somehow I think it really suits this subject.  (Click photo to view large).

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Images of ..... Dent

Looking down from the fells to Dent village, nestled in the valley of the River Dee

An old shed in the valley

Dent village, the road down from Flinter Gill

A welcome bench for a weary walker

Church of St Andrew, Dent

One of the gates into the church yard

Main street in Dent

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Images of ..... Dentdale

From the viewpoint at the top of Flinter Gill, above the village of Dent, looking over to the hills. They have wonderful names like Yarlside, Calf, Calders, Arant Haw and Helms Knott.

The Occupation Road, an old drover's road across the fells.

A typical drystone wall

Another view from Occupation Road

The pretty farmhouse of Bower Bank in the hamlet of Gawthrop. Right next door is a converted barn, now an 'eco' holiday let. It used to be the recording studio of the comedian, folk singer and writer Mike Harding.

View along the dale looking towards Dent village

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Images of ..... Haworth

The Parsonage, Haworth - home of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë and their family from 1820 until their deaths.

The Apothecary (Drug Store) where Branwell Brontë purchased the opium that was eventually to kill him

Looking down Main Street (on a quiet day!)

Main Street again

Images of ..... Brontë country

Looking down towards Stanbury and New Laithe Reservoir

Lower Heights Farm

The ruin of Top Withens, believed to have inspired Emily Brontë's novel 'Wuthering Heights'

View from Top Withens

Stream near the Brontë Waterfalls